Smurf Fest @ Kidom!

Smurf Fest @ Kidom!
This Summer, Kidom at Allou! Fun Park turns blue and welcomes the SMURFS, the beloved tiny creatures that drive everyone crazy with their adventures!

Apart from being the beloved kids’ heroes who give generously joy and kindness, Smurfs also have a very important mission!
Smurfs, as proud ambassadors for the European Union’s and United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, aim to inform and raise the awareness about the protection of the environment, thus giving their own Smurf version of the phrase "Protect our Blue Planet! "

Having as key message the protection of our blue planet, Smurfs and Kidom of Allou! Fun Park welcome everybody to a big Smurf Festival from June 25th up to September 18th, full of environmental activities, wonderful Smurf constructions and a lots of play!
The Smurf village at Kidom’s PlayLand – the wonderful green and cool playground – awaits children of all ages to combine entertainment with education and learn how we can all protect our future and contribute to a better planet.

Let’s all
Protect nature – let’s all how to plant and take care of the environment. The change starts from us…
Protect our seas – let’s all clean our favorite beach, learn about recycling and respect the sea environment. Greek company MEGA, with a vision towards the sustainable future and high sense of environmental and social responsibility, stands near us and rewards all children with the Green Smurf Recycling Certificate!
Learn about sustainable energy sources- watch up close how the green energy is produced and how photovoltaics work and learn how we can all contribute towards green growth.

Of course, face painting, drawing, activity sheets and many crafts await our friends and offer them carefree moments and endless game in the park!

Smurf Fest without Smurf hosts wouldn’t be a Fest! Thus, Smurfette, Papa Smurf and our beloved Smurfs will be waiting our visitors on specific weekends! Meet them at close and picture yourselves… Blue!
You can see the appearance program here.

Visit the Smurf Museum at Kidom and learn everything you want to know about the Smurfs’ history. Who is the “father” of Smurfs? Where did their story first appear? When did children learn about them and when did the whole world meet them?

And the SmurfSurprises do not end! On June 25th & 26th let’s all celebrate the Global Smurf Day!
Its Smurfs’ birthday and we have a party at Kidom! We all turn blue and wish our beloved heroes happy birthday. A big fest awaits you. A weekend of Smurf Fest that you cannot miss!

From June 25th till September 18th we encourage our children to follow the Smurf example and learn how to take care of our “Blue” planet. Visit us at Allou! Fun Park’s Kidom and you’ll see everything turn Blue!

And the fun continues in Kidom, in 10 acres of magic and joy! The new open playground PlayLand with the enormous inflatables, the largest Carousel, Mini Big Apple train, Bongo flying elephants, Youpi Tower and many more games!

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Play Safe at Kidom, as Kidom as been inspected and received a “Safe Restart” control certificate by TUV Hellas (TUV Nord) for its safe operation and the protection measures against Covid-19.

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