Allou! Fun Park - The Company

Founded in 2001 our company aimed to create the biggest amusement park in Greece following the vision of its stakeholders for an innovative, complete and unique for the Greek standards entertainment proposal.

It consists of two parks: Allou! Fun Park, for teenagers, youngsters and those young at heart and Kidom, for families with smaller children.
Allou! was launched in October 2002, a pioneering entertainment destination designed according to international standards, with modern and innovatory rides by top rides construction companies and high safety standards. And has been the most beloved entertainment option for young ages ever since…

By the end of 2003 Kidom, a fairytale world exclusively devoted to smaller kids was launched, offering a unique amusement proposal for families.

Since 2017 Allou! Fun Park operates under a new management team with deep knowledge in destination & entertainment management. The new strategy and the new destination marketing mix emphasize on communication, product enhancements with new rides, games & activities, unique themed events, attracting major sponsors, aiming to offer a unique experience for all visitors and stakeholders. Investment in the existing estate helps to grow visitation to the attraction and offers something new to market. Each attraction has a planned investment cycle that helps to smooth overall expenditure across the park’s portfolio.

Corporate business also grows constantly with an increased range of events, parties, business meetings and group visits. Alongside this, Allou! Fun Park gains in media significance as it’s a popular set for film and TV productions, music video clips as well as commercials.

Today, Allou! Fun Park has dedicated itself to setting the standard for amusement park entertainment. Our parks are better than ever, offering today's families and teens a complete one-stop diversified entertainment destination, thrill and adrenaline rides, children's activations, parades, events, shows, games and much more.

Satisfied visitors are one of the most important factors for success. As such, we continue to focus consistently on quality and innovation.

Games such as “The House of Fear”, the only horror house with real actors on a national level, “The Power Karts” the first and only drift race kart track in Greece, the first VR arena in Greece and many more, set the mark higher and higher in terms of exhilarating entertainment.

Here at Allou! we put all of our energy into creating magical memories for our guests.
350 members of staff ensure that everything runs smoothly behind and in front of the scenes throughout the year at Allou! Fun Park, all educated and trained on a constant basis.

Inspected and Certified by TÜV HELLAS (TUV NORD) for its systems of safe operation of facilities in both amusements parks, Allou! Fun Park leads a strong market position by delivering careless memorable experiences to all its guests.

After all our goal, our job and our principal philosophy is exactly that… to AMUSE and AMAZE!

This is Allou! Fun Park !
A unique journey full of magical moments and plenty of adrenaline!