Allou! and Kidom are ecological and environmental sensitive and promote recycling. Special recycle bins in blue color are placed in both parks. They bear the recycling sign and recycling tips and messages   in order to inform and incentivize our visitors.  

Charity actions 

Both our parks organize very often events aiming to support charity and non-government organizations. 
Every year hundreds of fellow – citizens of charity and non-government, non- profit organizations providing them free amusement to all our rides and attractions. According to our estimations over than 4.000 people have visited our parks since the beginning of our operation and we are willing to welcome even more.
Furthermore they have organized for consecutive years the successful  event "Giving gifts, collecting Smiles" assembling toys and school supplies for the "Ark of the World", the "Hatzikyriakio Child Protection Foundation", the "Children's SOS Village» and the non-governmental Care Organization "Theofilos”'.
In 2014 they hosted the global wish day organized by Make-A-Wish Greece offering part of the parks revenue and illuminating blue “Star Flyer”, the highest game of the park.