General InformationGeneral Information

For your personal safety please follow the instructions bellow:
  • Your participation in park games and rides , without prior informing the supervisors of any physical or mental health problems, poses dangers that you are completely responsible for. If you notify us about the specifics of your health condition, we will be happy to help you decide which games are safe for you. Your participation without our prior knowledge of any health problems you may have equals with  risk bearing on your part, for which you are completely responsible.

  • Please follow the signs and our staff instructions. The violation of safety rules equals with  risk bearing on your part, for which you are completely responsible. You can ask our experienced and qualified staff
    about any information, clarification and the operation of our games at your entrance into the park. The violation of safety rules gives the company the right to claim compensation from you, in any case of damage to others and in any case of insult to the reputation, the name and good operation of the company, which exploits the park.

  • For your safety before participating in each game read carefully the terms and conditions, which are listed at the entrance of each game. For any information you may need, you can ask our personnel.

  • Do not participate in games if your physical or mental condition or health does not allow you to. In case you are feeling sick during your participation in any game, do inform the supervisor immediately. If you omit to inform the supervisor about any health problem you have or about any condition relevant to your health and ability to participate in the park's games, you choose to take the risk personally and you are fully responsible for the dangers.  

  • The company and the authorized personnel have the right to deny the participation of a visitor in any game, if they consider that his safety and physical integrity is in danger, as well as the right to deny admission to the park or to require a person already admitted to leave the park if it is ascertained that his/her behavior is dangerous or inappropriate.   

  • You are not allowed to smoke, eat or drink at your entrance in the games. The company is entitled to expel from the park any visitor who violates these rules and ban his participation in games of the park.

  • Please supervise young children and always look after their safety. The participation of children in the games without  the supervision of their guardians makes the guardians responsible for any injury caused to the children during their participation in the park's games.

  • Mind your personal belongings, the company is not responsible for their loss or damage.

  • Do not enter places with prohibition signs.

  • Keep the site clean, protect the environment and do not step on the grass. All games of the park keep the safety specifications according to the EU.

  • For any information or in an emergency, please contact the Reception. We advise you to:
    1.   Pay attention to signs and staff’s advice.
    2.   Entry is not allowed to visitors who cannot be adapted to the safety measures of the games.
    3.   Look after your personal belongings. Allou! Fun Park holds no responsibility in case of loss.
    4.   After the end of each ride please exit the game, even if you want to play again.
    5.   Allou! Fun Card balance, and any of Allou! or Kidom Passes are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-exchangeable.
    6.   All day passes, once activated, cannot be transferred for another day, are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-exchangeable, due to bad weather conditions, out of order rides etc.
    7.   Remember that pets are permitted only with leash.
    8.   Help us keep the park clean by not littering.
    9.   Smoking is permitted only in specially designated- areas.