Freaking Mega October

Freaking Mega October
Creepy Halloween in Allou! Fun Park

The biggest amusement park in Greece hosts the biggest Halloween Event of the country offering festive fun for all ages on weekends throughout October.
For the second consecutive year, Allou! Fun Park welcomes Halloween with a series of unique Halloween events for a whole month, offering vibrant emotions, terror and creepiness to its visitors.

Pumpkins, spiders, scarecrows, skeletons and themed decoration give Allou! a unique Halloween atmosphere that, along with the variety of rides, promise guests an unforgettable gaming experience.

During the day, Allou! Fun Park features Halloween character appearances and trick-or-treat with mini candies around the park. After dark, Allou! Fun Park transforms into a creepy wonderland with dim lights, fog machines, zombies, skeletons, coffins and scary costumed characters lurking around corners.

Terror visits Allou! Fun Park during Freaky Weekends.
All weekends beginning October 5th till November 3rd, zombies, skeletons, scary creatures and fantastic characters become alive in Allou! in unique live spooky shows, that will scare you enough to haunt your dreams until next year’s Halloween period.

Here is what happens in the Freaky Weekends of Allou Fun Park:

  • October 5th : Opening Event: When the night falls, zombie and other terrifying creatures rise from the dead and wonder around the park. They can be found flash-mobbing, walking around the park or entering the rides causing creepiness and terror to the visitors.
  • October 12th & 13th - Horror Cosplay Parade: Scary creatures and fantastic characters come alive in a unique parade of spooky cosplayers, along with hot horror PS4 gaming challenges and, as special guests, the masters of gaming!
  • October 19th & 20th - Skeleton Parade: The first skeleton parade ever in Greece @ Allou! Fun Park! A spectacular event with spooky skeletons carrying candles and flaming torches that will definitely impress every living soul.
  • October 26th , 27th & 28th - Trick Or Treat Parade: Following the Halloween tradition, scary creatures greet the visitors of Allou!, trick or treat them. Will you accept treats from strangers?
  • November 02nd - 2nd Zombie Fest: Scary zombies escape from The House of Fear AGONY and seek a way to recruit anyone they find along their walk… They walk through corridors, even on the park’s rides. The night falls and the dead become alive. Don’t miss out!
  • November 03rd - Closing Event - All the Halloween creatures in an absolutely horrifying event!

Check out the Opening Event Video here, and take a look at some photos here!

Join us if you dare!