The Volcano Island

The Volcano Island
The Volcano Island
Think - Survive – Escape

An exciting daily adventure will be rolled out in the center of Allou! Fun Park. A unique game that requires participants to think about how they will survive and escape from a mysterious island! Allou! Fun Park, the largest amusement park in Greece, in collaboration with Athens Great Escape, the leader of escape rooms, presents “The Volcano Island”: the largest escape room in Greece and all over Europe and the world's unique escape game with both indoor and outdoor facilities.

At The Volcano Island, the players are on a tropical island, where they are welcomed by the island’s magician-guard. The aim is to survive the trials and leave the island with the treasure in their hands!

The tropical scene of The Volcano Island is located in the center of the park on an area of one acre composed of dense vegetation, a river, huts, natural and artificial barriers, an "active" volcano and many hidden puzzles. Players do not have just to solve puzzles using their minds, but they also have to go through tests that require physical activity, climbing, crawling and getting wet.

Be a protagonist in the exciting Adventure of The Volcano Island. The instructions are clear: Think - Survive - Escape. Haven’t made a reservation yet?

• For reservation on The Volcano Island please book online at:
• Participation is for groups from 3-7 people 
• Participation is permitted for people over the age of 15.