Allou! “Respect”!

Allou! “Respect”!
Allou! makes your day with new rides and 2 new passes at awesome prices! Come and live … chaotic moments in Chaos: three different rotations give you a unique adrenaline experience. More fun is coming soon in one more ride - surprise.

Now you can chosse betwenn two passes for enfless play all day long! 
First comes the Allou! 7Rides Pass, which offers you unlimited gaming moments  in the 7 most favorite rides: Shock & Drop, La Isla, Legend, Move It, Panorama, Big Apple and Star Flyer at 12 € only.

Want more? The Allou! XXL Pass makes the come back with new lower price at 19€ for unlimited fun in all major Allou! rides, plus one entrance to 3 more games:The House of Fear BODIES, the Mirror Forest and Lazer Maze.

This Easter Allou! is “respect”!

Allou! Fun Park!
Too big to miss!