Dino Attack @ Allou! Fun Park

Dino Attack @ Allou! Fun Park
After millions and millions years of absence, the Dinosaurs have arrived at Allou! Fun Park!
Alive, aggressive and scarier than ever!

They are everywhere in the park.. at the entrances, at the rides, in the corridors!
Alive, huge, roaring and walking among us! Their sharp nails can grab anyone getting in their path.

Are you ready to confront them? If so, you should visit Allou! Fun Park!
T – Rex, Allosaurus, Raptor, Carnotaurus, Pachycephalosaurus and more prehistoric creatures have come to dominate Allou! and they claim their place in our world.

Every day until the 12th of June, Dinosaurs come to life, they crawl out of their cave hungrier than ever before and they attack!
Will you dare to meet them up close?

Dino Attack @ Allou! Fun Park!
A shocking experience that cannot be missed!

Play Safe at Allou! Fun Park, as Allou! has been evaluated and received a “Safe Restart” control certificate by TUV Hellas (TUV Nord) for its safe operation and the protection measures against Covid-19.