Carnival Noise Parade!

Carnival Noise Parade!
Allou! Fun Park gets in Carnival mood and it invites you to join the most FUN, COLORFUL, Carnival NOISE Parade!

For second year in a row, we celebrate Carnival with the Carnival NOISE Parade! A weekend full of color, FUN, music, dancing and celebration!

On Saturdray February 29th and on Sunday March 01st @ 19.00 we host Athens’ noisiest parade. Drums, dancing, endless fun and many surprises are all in the party!

Alloukinoi, Allou! Fun Park’s carnival harlequins, welcome all guests with a big smile and invite them to take part in the NOISE Parade by giving away whistles! Let’s all make some Noise!

Don't forget to take part in our contest with a chance to win a 3days trip for two in Venice!

We celebrate Carnival!
February 15th till Clean Monday, at Allou! Fun Park!

Don’t miss out! Festivities in Allou! Fun Park never end! The fun continues in all the fantastic rides!

Allou! Fun Park!
Too big to be missed!